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Change lyrics in English. Change song is sung by the NBA YoungBoy, wrote by NBA YoungBoy and, music by Dmac, BJ Beatz & MalikOTB.

Song Credit
Song Title : Change
Lyrics : NBA YoungBoy
Singer : NBA YoungBoy
Music : Dmac, BJ Beatz & MalikOTB
Music on : YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Change Lyrics In English

Dmac on the fu*king track
Goddamn, bj with another one
Aye! Aye! Youngboy
Pain only, oh! Oh

Pain only, oh! Oh! Oh uhh
Pain, oh! Oh, it’s youngboy
Get yourself together, come on

You was loving him, I was loving you
I’m in love with you but can’t be with you
What the fu*k I’m ‘posed to do? (what?)
Treat me like a lame

I don’t play games like I don’t notice you
Like I don’t notice
What the fu*k is it I’m missing
That he giving that I don’t show you?

That I ain’t show
I done sat up in the prison all night
Wishing that I’m holding you
Try make my money bring me close to you

I’m feeling sorry
Love ain’t borrowed, it ain’t bought
It won’t be taken back tomorrow
(taken back tomorrow)

Filled this b!Tch, this fu*king game left him
Stretched out about his boy
Body left inside the car
They started arguing about that boy

Feel like I’m losing my sane (oh)
Pain only thing make change
Before anything, I’m a man (a man)
You don’t want me
Then for that n!Gga, don’t change

I gotta eat too (eat)
I’m in the streets, too
Caught up in some beef, too
I tucked it, I leave you (brrt)

Pu$$y n!Gga, I could reach you (I could reach)
Teach your b!Tch a lesson for the teaching (teaching)
Exotic cars, glass house
But this b!Tch bulletproof

That’s how you gotta ride around
When they want get at you (at you)
Shoot at the whip, jump out this b!Tch
Then go to spin at you

Everybody that’s in gone hit at you
Headshot to finish you(..?)
the fists here, throw the tool (baow, baow, go)
Pain only thing make change

On the other hand, stacking
Tryna keep my sane
God, there’s a reason I’m clutching’
They want bust my brain (mm)

No, I can’t trust her all
’cause she converse about feeling my man
Bet again..

Feel like I’m losing my sane
Pain only thing make change
Before anything, I’m a man
You don’t want me

Then for that n!Gga, don’t change
I thought you loved a n!Gga for a n!Gga
I come to you, won’t be neglected
She might want sex me, don’t ask your bestie

She don’t want you or the man
Seen a n!Gga, he looked like a dyke
Until they told me what his name
Your face and neck, you got my name

Won’t give a fu*k about if you changed
Tryna make a dollar while I watch my partner
They won’t see me lose my dignity
Money don’t bring class, I’m prayig’ bad

They cannot get to me
Half a ticket to this b!Tch
Still, she is not sh!T to me
Bullets tearing through the car

They plan on binning me
Or pity from property, I’m stuck in this economy
I put money in they pockets although
They still plan on robbing me
Knowing I gotta watch them, I don’t like

Them for to ride with me
Know that I’m a dada
Might still pay them for to slide for me
Roller coaster, get on top of me
Fu*k me good, see my face, looking at me

Or kiss the diamond, I close my eyes
And vision so much that I see
Could barely sleep, I barely eat
I roll that dope up in the morning

Crack of dawn, we catch
him coming out his house
We crack his doorman
Head off
Drive right, flying past, we see police
Bro, take that pin from out your gun
Don’t be scared, nah

We get caught, we gone beat this sh!T
Might be two years before we done
Get the drop, we blitz that sh!T
We fight, we whipping sh!T

It ain’t never one on one
Ain’t never one on one
That’s my lil’ brother, I know he thugging
It’s gone go down, he had me come

Feel like I’m losing my sane
Pain only thing make change,
Before anything, I’m a man
You don’t want me..
Then for that n!Gga, don’t change.

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