Kay Tu Lyrics In Marathi And English - काय तू (Triple Seat)

We have brought Kay Tu lyrics for you. This song is from Triple Seat movie. Kay Tu song is sung by the Sonu Nigam, wrote by Ashwini Shende and, music is given by Avinash Vishwajeet.

Song Credit
Song Title : Kay Tu
Lyrics : Ashwini Shende
Singer : Sonu Nigam
Music : Avinash Vishwajeet
Movie : Triple Seat

Kay Tu Lyrics In Marathi And English

Kay Tu Lyrics In Marathi

काय तू आहेस माझी
सांगता ना आले
जे खरे माझे च होते
मागता ना आले
काय तू

आसवांना का कसा हा
लागला माझा लळा
पन तुला पाहून खोटे
हसता ना आले
काय तू

Kay Tu Lyrics In English

Kay tu aahes mazi
Sangata na aale
Je khare maze ch hote
Magata na aale
Kay tu

Aasvana ka kasa ha
Lagala maza lalaa
Pan tula pahun khote
Hasata na ale
Kay tu

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